My ever-evolving booth

I was cleaning out my photos folder on my laptop the other day, and I found all these pics of my booth set-up, taken at different shows over the past year and a half. Thought I’d share!

My first show, November 2012:

Only a handful of doilies! The following spring, I did a show at a winery:
2013-04-14 10.37.58This was where I sold my first pieces of fused glass. There was another glass artist next to me, and we had fun talking shop all afternoon.

First outdoor show, in May 2013:

2013-05-04 09.01.38That’s my friend D. You can see I already outgrew my earring displays, and this was the debut of my louver-door displays. Never mind the chain-link fence and inner-city look, that show was GREAT.

In June 2013, my first two-day, with my new canopy and weights:

2013-06-22 09.15.29 (Small)

And TWO tables!

Fall found me with a new banner and sidewalls, and an additional earring display – the one in the corner:

2013-09-14 09.28.48That new display didn’t work out very well, I only used it for that show.

Let me tell you, it was hard to go back to a single table for the indoor holiday shows!

2013-11-30 08.59.10That table is PACKED, I could barely see from behind it. I also came up with a much nicer earring display (in the middle), made from a louver door set in an old mirror frame I had stashed away.

Here’s my most recent setup, from three weeks ago:

2014-05-10 11.39.44 (Medium)

When I start up again in the fall I will have THREE tables! ^_____^


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