Always learning, always making things.

I’ve been making art since I could hold a pencil (walls were my first canvas, much to my mother’s dismay). I love painting and making things, and I love the adventure of learning about new methods and materials.

I’ve been selling my art to people since I was a teenager.

Back then, my workshop was in my bedroom, and I used an old sink cabinet left over from when my parents remodeled our kitchen. I made doll house furniture, Christmas ornaments, stained glass windows and painted landscapes on Mateus bottles. (Don’t judge me, LOL.)

When my son was little I turned to sewing, and produced muslin bunnies, Christmas stockings and potpourri pillows, as well as assembling and painting model kits for people at local comic shops.

And then I discovered Fire.

Armed with my torch, I began making jewelry! I started with unique mineral cabochons and then tried setting broken china and glass. Another form of Fire came with my kiln a few years ago, and now I am playing with fused glass and enameling.

Who knows what I’ll be making next? *grins*


“Me-bi” chibi art by Sarubaby

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