100 Things: A Holiday Parade Float

Years ago, when The Child was in elementary school, I did the whole PTA thing.
Our town has an annual Holiday parade the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and there are marching bands, school groups Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops and all different floats that go down a mile-or-so stretch of our main drag. Then Santa comes along on the big firetruck and it’s over. Thousands of people come.
I was a Girl Scout leader for about 5 years, and when I had the Brownies I walked with them in the parade, so the PTA people saw me as the Parade Expert. And they wanted to do something more than just have the kids walk down the Avenue and wave. They wanted a float.
So I became the Parade Float Committee.
Our theme was “Literacy – The Lifelong Treasure” and I worked up a design that the kids could help with and that would fit on the back of the janitor’s pickup truck. I met with about two dozen kids after school once a week for a month and we made this:
The “snowmen” are all made from papier mache, painted white and sprinkled with “diamond dust” glitter. Two of the moms crocheted the little hats and scarves. The red treasure chest was The Child’s, and we filled it with children’s books. During the parade, the kids walked behind the truck and carried their favorite book. We took second place, and won $25, which we used for a pizza party for the kids who took part in the parade.

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