100 Things: Lighted Rock Cabinet

I’m all about making something I need rather than buying it. First, it satisfies the Scotswoman in me that I am saving money, and then it’s something I made.

I am an avid rockhound – mineral collector – and I needed a place to put my shinies. In my house I have a closet in between the living room and dining room, and the fact that both rooms had either an arched or wood transition, it left me with a tiny, shallow alcove across from the closet.

Normal people would put a little table there, or a wine rack.

I am not normal, so I built a lighted rock cabinet.

I made it of oak, and did the whole shebang – drew out a design, figured out the measurements and then cut, built, stained and finished it. I had the glass cut at a local glass place.


My shinies! (I actually collected a good handful of these myself.) Now as you can see, it’s very tall and narrow, and that suited my needs perfectly. However… while that was great on paper, and while the door is shut, I didn’t think about how heavy the glass door would be – nor about how the rest of the cabinet did not have enough weight to support that door. So the first time I stood it in place and opened the door, the damn thing almost toppled over. Major design flaw! *blushes* I had to screw an eyebolt into the back and another one into the wall and attach it to the wall. Opens just fine now! XD

Oh well. It looks pretty and does the job, I just have to keep it screwed to the wall!

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