100 Things: A Stained Glass Mirror

Another Wayback-Machine item from my high school years!

I took “Studio Art” in high school, which was more varied than “General Art”, which was mostly drawing, painting and scuplture. In Studio Art we did those too, but we also messed with collage, enameling, printmaking, and graphic design. Usually once a semester the teacher would let us choose our own independent project, and in my senior year I decided to mess with stained glass.

It was fun! I enjoyed making my own patterns, and playing with the different colors and textures of the glass. My teacher, Mrs. Lewis, did not enjoy it so much; she was in a constant state of worry about me cutting glass – she used to flap her hands and say, “You could give yourself an appendectomy!”

This was my main project, a mirror with irises. (I loooooove irises to tiny bits.) It’s about 16×20, and I used plexiglas (hard plastic) mirror so it wouldn’t weigh a ton. I figured I could combo it as a marking period grade AND a Christmas present to my sister!

She had this in her living room for over 20 years, and a few years ago when she completely re-did her living room she asked if I wanted it back, since it didn’t go with the new decor. I said yes, and now this 30-year-old piece hangs above my Rock Cabinet!

One thought on “100 Things: A Stained Glass Mirror

  1. I think the moment my mother’s opinion of you went from ‘what a nice and talented woman Kim is’ to ‘OMG KIM IS A FREAKING GENIUS’ was when she admired that stained glass and you said you made it. The look on her face was priceless.

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